Attracting clients that add value to your business

As the old marketing saying goes “Customer is king.” However the modern terms relating to customers have changed emphasising the importance of acquiring and engaging customers that add value to your business.

While every customer is important is it even more important for business success to make sure your customer adds value to your in the long run.

Key features of a customer that will add value to your business includes;

  • A customer that does their own research and limits their questions to important information
  • A customer that understands when you have made a mistake and is willing to continue working with you
  • A customer that refers you to his or her friends due to a positive experience they have had with you
  • A customer who is willing to take on extra cost when they understand it would add value

While it is not easy to identify all these aspects in a customer, it is even more challenging to try and find customers with either of these key attributes.

Here are some tips to attract customers who will add value to your business in the long run;

  1. Build customer profiles for your business and make sure your marketing material targets these key audiences
  2. Offer incentives for customers to sign up and be part of your business
  3. Keeping integrity by being honest with customers when possible, this could be when you have made a mistake on the stock count and items are no longer available
  4. Engage with customers whenever possible
  5. Using automation sparingly – while its easy to automate messages to save time and resources customers still prefer to speak to real life person to sort their issues out
  6. Listening to customer opinions and value suggestions for improvement

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